Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Howdy Y'all!

My name is Ali, and I live in Houston, Texas.  I am a recent college graduate enjoying a balanced, healthy life.

I have a 2-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Dozer.  He is an extremely friendly, energetic dog.  I often take Dozer on my walks and jogs around the neighborhood.

I love writing and photography. I started this blog as an outlet for my creativity, a way of challenging myself to continue to grow and learn.

I plan to write reviews on good eats, travelling experiences, fitness, and much more!  I enjoy reading books and frequently watch movies, so you can expect to see reports on those as well.

Do you have any pets? What's your favorite animal?
My favorite animal is a pig; I had a pot-bellied pig named Charlotte when I was a kid.


  1. Hi Ali!
    I have a friend who grew up in Houston and went to A&M.
    I'm partial to llamas. There's just something about those long eyelashes.

  2. Haha, llamas are awesome :)

    By the way, we have the same name - Alison with only one "L".

  3. Hey Ali! Welcome to the blogosphere :D Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm excited to have another travel/food/fitness blog to follow!...as for my favorite animal, hmmm dolphins? Or fish in the Caribbean...those are really 'pets' though. I never had a pet :(

  4. I'm from Texas too!!!