Welcome to Redhead Reports!  My name is Ali.

I am a  graduate from Texas A&M University and currently represent a small statistic in the ever-booming status of being unemployed.

After a year of wedding planning, my husband and I were married in April of 2011.  We bought our first home together and we now reside in the suburbs of Houston, TX with our Jack Russell Terrier.

My love for writing and photography is what inspired me to begin this blog.  My reports will touch on healthy living, travelling, and entertainment!
Good Eats

I love food.  My husband loves food.  My dog loves food, too.

Here are a few absolute favorites from inside our kitchen or off the grill:

1. Breakfast Pizza
5. Steak Kabobs
6. Bleu Cheese Turkey Sliders

While we do love to cook, we also enjoy trying unique restaurants.  I evaluate restaurants based on the quality of food, service, and atmosphere.  Click the links for my reviews:

Brenham, TX:  Bever's Kitchen
Houston, TX :  The Backyard Grill, Le Petite Paris, Rainbow Lodge


My exercises vary frequently to include walking, running, cycling, rowing, swimming, zumba, yoga, and strength training.

My husband and I currently have memberships to L.A. Fitness.  I also use my Gym in a Bag at home for additional strength training.

Aside from working out at the gym, I enjoy many recreational activities as well.  I like playing raquetball, tennis, frisbee golf, swimming, dancing.


If money was of no consequence, I would love to travel all over the world and write about my adventures.  Alas, I haven't quite mastered the art of being independently wealthy.  However, we were quite blessed in our ability to travel as many times as we did.

We visited Boston in January 2010:

Took a V.I.P. tour of the French Quarter in New Orleans in March 2010:

Made a spontaneous trip to New Braunfels in May 2010:

Swam at Wakulla Springs, and took a cruise to Key West and Nassau in June 2010:

We also visited Toledo Bend Lake several times throughout the summer:

 Check out my travel page for more pictures and links!


For entertainment, my husband and I love to watch movies.  You can read about all the movies we've watched recently here.

I also truly love reading books (both fiction and non-fiction). I do not write about every book I read, but here's a link to the books I've discussed on the blog.

Other entertainment I enjoy includes: baseball, bowling, dancing, ice skating, music, and shopping.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Love your blog Ali!! Thanks for stopping by mine!!

    You and your bf make a great couple!! Your dog is adorable too!!

    I look forward to reading more! Muah!!