Monday, May 3, 2010

Day Trip to Bever's

On Saturday morning, I got up and went on a 4.5 mile run around the neighborhood.  Aside from the inappropriate harassment of a creepy man driving by, my run went well.  I came home and got a quick shower and drank a protein smoothie before we left to go to the mall.

After a few minutes of shopping, I found a present for my parents at the Chocolate Crocodile.  My dad's birthday was last week, and I also wanted to give my mom a present for Mother's Day, so I picked out a couple of candied apples, chocolate cherries, and dipped pretzels for them.

Then we drove to Chappell Hill, near Brenham, and met my parents for lunch.  We ate at Bever's Kitchen.

The food and service were both amazing.  We arrived half an hour before our reservation, and they were still able to accommodate us.  I would definitely recommend eating at Bever's if you're ever in the area.  My favorite part of my meal was the salad bar.  Everything was fresh, and they had a great selection of salad dressings to try.  For my meal, I had the grilled tilapia with broccoli casserole, and a huge salad with poppyseed dressing.  Austin had chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, a roll, and a salad.  My mom had a grilled chicken sandwich and my dad had a burger.  We were all very satisfied with our meals.

After lunch, my parents rode their motorcycle and we followed behind them in our car to Washington on the Brazos State Park.  It was about a 20 minute drive from the restaurant.

The scenery was beautiful.  We took a walk around the park and sat on a picnic table in front of the river.

It was a great day.

Yesterday I went for an 8 mile bike ride in the morning, and ran 1 mile last night.  Since it was such a gorgeous day outside, we went to the park and played 18-holes of Disc Golf.  We also got our grocery shopping done, watched a movie and just relaxed at home.

Do people ever harass you (cat call, honk, etc.) when you're running or biking?

This is the second time this month that I've been inappropriately harassed by people driving by.  I always feel a little worried when I'm running by myself now.


  1. Getting harrassed on a run is the worst!! I try to just not make eye contact with them but keep close tabs on which way they went. It can be quite scary.

  2. Lindsay, that is exactly what I do also. I think I am going to start carrying mace with me, or try to find a running buddy!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love finding new friends to connect with.

    I haven't been running outside in forever because I haven't gotten back into it in a long time, but I do remember cat calls back in the day. Sadly, I was in high school then too. Ick!!!

    I hope to continue to see you around. :)