Monday, May 17, 2010

Hollywood Ending

Sunday mornings are all about delicious breakfast.  I soaked my homemade raisin bread in an egg-milk mixture and plopped it onto the griddle.

I served it up with scrambled eggs, bacon and spinach.

I spent a couple hours cleaning my apartment.  The morning sun was shining in thru the window and I had the radio blaring.  Dozer got a bath, I swept and mopped, cleaned the bathrooms, and did some food-prep for meals this week.

Before lunch, I attended a Zumba dance class at a local gym.  It was so much fun, but I am horrible with rhythym and following the steps.  I was also disappointed that none of the ladies were anywhere close to my age.  I was hoping to make a new friend!

In the afternoon, Austin and I headed outside to play tennis.

The sun was beaming down on us, which resulted in some great shadow-shots!

We cooled off at the swimming pool after about 30 minutes of sweaty tennis.

The water was cold from the rain.

Austin made a delicious tomatillo avacado salsa.

It was pretty spicy with two fresh jalapenos in it!  My mouth was on fire, but it didn't stop me from eating a few servings of chips & salsa!

For dinner, we had turkey meatloaf and green beans while we watched The Guardian.  This is another old movie, starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher.  I liked the entire movie, all the way up until the Hollywood ending.

In reality, rescue ropes are made out of steel rated to carry thousands of pounds.  The rope would not unravel simply because two people are being lifted out of the water.  I hated the ending and it made me really sad.

The movie did, however, paint a great portrait of the U.S. Coast Guard and how difficult it is to be a rescue swimmer.

Do you like Hollywood endings?
I don't mind Hollywood endings where a romance-movie ends in a happily ever after.  But I do think it's boring when sport-movies have the typical ending of winning the championship, etc.  I don't like it when movies are completely impractical or based on a false idea.


  1. A nice cool pool is the perfect way to end a tennis session. I prefer realist endings.

  2. I love tennis!! Ive been trying to convince my boyfriend to go and play but he wont. He seems to think a torn rotator cuff is an actual excuse! lol

  3. these shadow pics are fabulous!