Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beehive Jazz & Mavericks Win

If you missed my first post about my trip to Boston, or its sequel, a day at Cape Cod, be sure to check those out before continuing reading below!

Our bus from Cape Cod dropped us back off in Boston around 5 pm, so we still had plenty of time to explore the city, even though it was already getting dark outside.

Sitting in the bus station with no clue where to go next, we started to get a bit ansty.

Suddenly, we remembered a recommendation someone had given us to go to The Beehive!  We called up the restaurant and made a dinner reservation for 7 pm.

The Beehive had an awesome atmosphere!  We were seated at a perfect table-for-two about ten feet away from the stage.  The view was exceptional.

Since we'd been eating all day long, neither of us were starving for dinner.  Austin ordered a bowl of clam chowder while I snacked from the bread basket. We shared the special of the day as our entree.  [Insert elaborate menu description of sea bass, lettuce, and rice with fancy sauce.]

We also shared a bottle of white wine as we enjoyed the jazz performance.

Finally, we had to relinquish our table to the incoming herd of guests, so we headed back to our B&B for the night.

On Monday morning, we woke up once again to a delicious breakfast.  Then we set out on another expedition.

Wait, are those flip-flops he's wearing in the snow? Sure enough!  Long story short, he only brought one pair of boots with him to Boston and they were not broken in yet (rookie mistake).

His feet were sore and blistered from all the walking we did on Saturday and Sunday, so he decided he wanted to buy a pair of tennis shoes.  There was an athletic shoe store literally a block away from our B&B, so he decided to endure the walk in his flip-flops.

Well, as luck would have it, the store was closed, as it was Martin Luther King's Day.

Needless to say, we went back to the room to get his boots!  This guy might be a 6'5" man-giant, but his little toesies couldn't quite handle the freezing temps.

We stopped in Starbucks to warm up with a venti hot chocolate.

Then we visited the Museum of Science

It was not exactly what we were expecting, and certainly not worth the $20/person admission price.  The museum's exhibits were targeted at a much younger audience.

Not to imply that we always act our age...

Moving on, we left the museum and continued walking.

Did I mention it was freezing cold outside?

The sights were amazing though.

We walked and walked.

We finally made it to the Bunker Hill Monument.

Unfortunately, we failed once again to anticipate the winter weather's ability to shut down a city's tourist attractions.

We weren't allowed to climb the monument because the steps were too wet and slippery from the snow.

Sadly, on our walk to the Bunker Hill Monument, I somehow managed to lose the scarf my parents had given me for Christmas.  We traced our steps all the way back to town, but I didn't find it.

Before we knew it, it was almost game time!  The real reason we were in Boston was to see the Dallas Mavericks play the Boston Celtics.

We ate dinner at The Greatest Bar.  I had a philly cheesesteak and Austin had nachos.  We also had a couple of drinks and dessert.

As you can see below, we had the best seats in the house.

Apparently you cannot purchase alcohol at the TD Garden unless you are 25 years old (or 21 if you are a Massachussetts resident).

This little rule quickly led to making friends with the people in front of us!  Ironically, the kids buying us beer next to us they were only 16.  But at least they were Massachussetts residents, right?

Monday night was a blast. We headed to the bar after the game to celebrate the Mav's win!

The next day, Tuesday, was our last day in Boston.  We woke up, ate breakfast, packed our suitcases, and checked out of the B&B.

We hopped on the subway and rode it all the way to Cambridge.

We went to lunch at Au Bon Pain.  I ate half of a Roast Beef Caesar Sandwich.

We walked around Harvard and did a little shopping. I purchased a couple of souvenirs: a t-shirt and postcards.

Soon, it was time to head back to the airport.

Despite the fact that we had a fantastic time in Boston, my advice would be to avoid planning winter trips in the northern states.

During which season(s) do you prefer to travel?
I love travelling in the spring because it is warm enough to swim but not too hot to ruin the fun.


  1. Haha my husband and I spent Christmas in Chicago...I'm a Florida girl so it was cold cold cold!

  2. Yeah, when we got back to Texas it felt soooo hot though! I could go for somewhere with a happy-medium climate like Florida!

  3. yay! thanks for coming to my blog! i love the title of yours :)

  4. I love traveling in spring! Then I don't have to worry about freezin or burnin up! Looks like you guys have been having a blast!

  5. Hi There!

    Great post. I LOVE Boston. Okay, so I'm biased. Oddly enough, flip-flops are a common early winter footwear choice here in The Boss, but only until November. =)
    It's not uncommon to see guys in big, bulky winter coats only to look down and notice they're wearing flip-flops.

    My my finace was here visiting from France this past November, he was a little perplexed by our awesome fashion sensibilities.

    We actually visited a lot of the same places you and your guy did. The Museum of Science was a total let down. It wasn't the same place I remember going to as a kid. Or maybe it was, that was the problem--Nothing changed. It's really worn down and outdated.

    Please tell me you got to see The MFA (Museum of Fine Arts)? It's free on Wednesdays after four. Incidentally, almost all of our museums and tourist attractions are free with a visitors pass from the library.

    Late October is the best time to visit Boston (or New England) during the colder months because you get to see all the gorgeous foliage.

    Glad you had such a great time anyway. I hope my city was kind to you?

    Awesome t-shirt!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I'll see ya around.

  6. Hi Ree!

    I wish we'd known about the free visitors pass! Bummer. We didn't get to see the MFA, but we'll put it on the list for our next trip.

    Yes, everyone in Boston was very friendly - even when we were wearing our Mavs jerseys, haha!

  7. Looks like fun! And that chocolatey dessert looks yummy :)

  8. I agree-I love traveling in the spring!

  9. Spring is the best time to travel almost nationwide! I have twice visited New Orleans, once in July and once in August. I think that should be a fall/winter trip! lol!

  10. At first I was so confused as to how it was snowing in Boston right now! Haha. Looks like you guys had a blast! Seabass is one of my all time favorites. Yum!

  11. Ang - check out my post about our trip to New Orleans (Inside the French Quarter) - we went in March and the weather was absolutely perfect!

  12. I definitely prefer traveling in the summer. I am way more a warm weather and beach girl. Your trip sounded great though.

  13. Aw LOVE your recap of Boston (and the cool new shirt). Hope you come back, maybe when you are 25+. :) ha. I have only come in contact with the 25+ non-resident rule in Mass...silly Mass.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  14. What a great vacation! I love Boston so much but haven't visited for a while. Thanks for making me feel like I was there. :)

    I like traveling in the winter as we don't get a winter in L.A.! It's nice to see some cold weather once in a while.