Monday, May 10, 2010

Tubing in the Rain

The best way to start off the weekend is with good food!  Therefore, on Friday we had grilled tilapia with pesto spaghetti squash and a can of tomatoes, okra and corn.

Dinner was accompanied by a splash of Sauvignon Blanc to commemorate the beginning of a wonderful weekend.

On Saturday morning, I got up and filled the crock pot with my pre-soaked black beans, taco seasoning and chopped green onions.  I let the beans simmer all day on low.  The kitchen smelled delicious all day long.

Austin was dying to see Iron Man 2, so I agreed to go to the movies with him in exchange for a shopping trip afterwards.  We accidentally looked up the movie times for Iron Man 2 with Spanish sub-titles, so we ended up spending an additional half an hour at the movie theater waiting for the next showing to start.  I fell asleep for a few minutes during the movie, if that's any hint about my opinion of it.  I thought the first Iron Man was a bit more entertaining.

After the movie, we ate the lunch I'd packed for us - PB&J sandwiches on homemade rye rolls and a couple of fig newtons.  Then Austin fulfilled his promise and took me shopping!  I found a pair of my favorite brand of running shoes and they were on sale!  Austin was such a sweetheart - not only did he quietly endure 30 minutes of painfully boring shopping - he even bought me the shoes, plus new socks and sunglasses!

When we got home, I took Dozer on a 3 mile walk + 3 mile run.  He's quite the companion for long distances!  So far the furthest I've taken him is 6 miles, but he's never had any trouble keeping up.

While I cooked up dinner, we snacked on guacamole and tortilla chips.

Dinner was a new spin on an old favorite: White Enchiladas.  I filled wheat tortillas with a mixture of spinach, black beans, and sweet potato.  I sprinkled them with mozzerrella cheese and poured the sauce on top.  The sauce was made out of chicken broth and sour cream, thickened with corn starch.

On Sunday, we took a spontaneous trip to New Braunfels.  We met up with Austin's friend, Jack, to go tubing on the Comal River.  Jack is one of Austin's buddies from the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets.

It was quite chilly during our first float down the river at 11 am.

We took a break from tubing and went to lunch at The Gristmill in Gruene, TX.  The guys enjoyed a drink while we waited to be seated.

I had the delicious tortilla soup to warm me up.  I also stole a bite of Austin's hamburger and a couple of his fries.

We finished lunch and floated down the river again before heading back home to Houston.

The weather wasn't perfect for our trip - it started raining on us while we were still in the river, and by the time we got to our cars, it was really pouring!  We had a blast though, especially since there were so few people on the river.

Do you enjoy water-related activities?
I love being in (and near) the water!  I enjoy swimming, boating, tubing, snorkeling, fishing, and walking on the beach.


  1. white enchiladas sounds amazing :)

  2. I have been cravnig talapia for awhile now. yous looks great. I love all water related activities. (all of the above...though I don't fish much!) Tubing despite the rain, sounds like a blast!!

  3. I looooove being in the water. My parents always joke when i was a kid that they couldn't get me out of the pool or the lake but couldn't convince me to get IN the shower! I shower now though :)

  4. The only warm weather activity I like is laying on a beach chair.

    The white enchiladas sound great.

  5. Hmm, so you wouldn't recommend Iron Man 2 huh? My husband has been asking me to go.
    I want some of those enchiladas. They seem to be all over the blog world lately. I have to make some asap! :D

  6. Floating is HUGE here. I love it. I hope you had a blast!!

  7. I am not a huge water person but now that I can finally swim I am a bit better at hanging out near the pool!

  8. I love being near water. I wish I was closer to the ocean, I have to settle for lakes and rivers! :)