Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kick Ass Friday

Yesterday was an absolute blast.  I met Austin for lunch at The Backyard Grill.

Since it was such a nice day outside, we decided to enjoy the weather and sit outside on the patio.

Austin ordered crawfish with corn and potatoes.

I had a loaded baked potato with a combo of beef and chicken.

The food was tasty
Unfortunately, the service was very lacking. I wanted some BBQ sauce to go on my potato, and it took me at least five minutes to locate someone on the waitstaff.

After we had both finished eating, we patiently waited for the server to appear with our check. A few minutes later, we realized that we'd better go find the waiter ourselves because there was not a person in sight.  The other customers seated in the patio area were receiving the same pitiful customer service.  I am not sure whether they were particularly understaffed for the day, or if this is just their typical service.

Either way, I wasn't very impressed.

But I certainly didn't let it ruin the rest of my day!

I headed back to work for the afternoon.  On my way home, I stopped by the grocery store to purchase a bottle of Chardonnay and some frozen vanilla yogurt.

I baked a homemade apple pie.

There was nothing special about the recipe I used: apples, sugar, flour, apple pie spice and a double pastry crust.

Fresh out of the oven, this dessert looked amazing.

Before devouring this little slice of heaven, we made a fishy dinner.

Austin grilled lobster tail for the first time.  He added butter, olive oil, and a few spices to it before throwing it on the grill.

My dinner consisted of a grilled salmon steak, brussell sprouts with hollandaise sauce, and sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Austin's plate looked the same as mine, with the addition of his special birthday lobster tail.

Following dinner and dessert, we looked up movie showtimes and headed out to go see Kick Ass.

This movie induced a lot of laughter from both of us.  The humor was gory, and could even be interpreted as offensive to some people, but it was entertaining to say the least.  This was not your typical Superhero movie.  A high school kid with no special talents decides to try his hand at life as a superhero, and ends up getting his ass kicked every time.

There is a young girl in this movie, Chloe Moretz, who did an outstanding job for her an actress her age (she is 13).  The character role that she plays is a bit improper for a young girl.  In her superhero costume, Hit Girl kills people without batting an eyelash.

The humor in this movie was comparable to Zombieland, or Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds. Completely unexpected and wrong on so many levels - but funny nonetheless.

What type of humor do you appreciate in movies?
I enjoy a good romantic comedy and some slapstick humor.

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