Sunday, May 30, 2010

Turtle Crossing

Before setting out on my 14 mile bicycle ride on Thursday night, I fueled up with a bowl of cereal with blackberries and a blob of peanut butter on top.

I had a smoothie in a bowl after I got back from my ride.

On Friday night, we made an easy dinner. We had herb chicken tortellini, steamed broccoli, and baked beans.

Then we went bowling!  We each have a pair of our own awesome bowling shoes.

We played two rounds of games.  Austin won - but I did at least score over 100 on both games!

On Saturday morning, I tried a new twist on breakfast.  I made fruit omelettes.

Each fruit omelette included sliced strawberries, pineapple, and blackberries, with cinnamon, powdered sugar, and coconut sprinkled on top.  Served with fresh squeezed orange juice.

This was an interesting recipe.  Neither of us could quite get used to the combination of fruit and eggs.  It was different, but good!

For dinner we tried a new Vietnamese restaurant.  The first thing I spotted on the menu was tapioca smoothies!  We shared a blueberry tapioca smoothie, and it was delicious!

For our entree, we ordered pho with lean beef and veggie spring rolls. 

The veggie spring rolls were made with fried tofu!

After dinner, we watched Bride Wars.

This was a 2009 release starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.  It was a silly movie, but I was in the mood for something low-key. My plot summary: two best friends fighting and competing with each other because their weddings occur on the same day.  The thing that bothered me in this movie was Kate Hudson's haircut.  Her bangs looked ridiculous!  Did anyone else notice that?

This morning, Austin and I got up and went on a 13 mile bicycle ride.

As we were riding, we came across a turtle crossing the road!

We have a special affinity for turtles!  Austin decided to help him across the road into the grass on the other side.  When he picked him up, a liquid started streaming out of his shell.  We didn't know if he was peeing or if the water was just collected on the inside his shell? 

We continued on our way, stopping a few times to check out the scenery.

We rode by a gorgeous lake, but unfortunately access was restricted to members only.

After our ride, we packed up a picnic and ate lunch by the swimming pool.

Our sandwiches were made with three seed bread, turkey, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and avocado.

My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is relaxing outside by the pool!

Do types of wildlife do usually find in your neighborhood?
We typically see squirrels, deer, birds and frogs, but not many turtles!


  1. Bowling pictures always make me laugh- they're so full of action!

    My neighborhood has deer, squirrels, and raccoons. My parents' house is closer to the mountains and they get coyotes and occasional mountain lions or bears!

  2. Yay for saving Mr. Turtle. We see dolphins poppling out of the water, but other than that just your usual squirrels and birds.

  3. Cool you have your own bowling shoes!
    We have birds, squirrels, fox, coyotes, deer, turkeys, chipmunks, racoons, ...

  4. what a gorgeous bike ride! love that you have your own bowling shoes. oh and that tapioca smoothie looks amazing!

  5. I LOVE your pink bowling shoes. So cute!! And how funny that you found a turtle crossing the road. I haven't seen too much wildlife lately out on my runs, besides birds. Anyways, I have to give you tons of credit for your fruit omelette. I love trying new combos for breakfast.

  6. omg biking and bowling, ur the best!! and even better for fruit omeletes and smoothies. oh thats a bubble tea!! not sure what u call them there but here the tapioca balls drink is 'Bubble Tea' SO DELICIOUS!!!

  7. I am on a canal so lots of fish and ducks. I wish we had turtles in there too! Oh, and we have an occasional possum pass through our backyard.

  8. what a great, casual post! love it all
    have a great day!