Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!

The best way to celebrate Memorial Day is to grill delicious food and hang out by the pool.  That's exactly what we did all weekend!  I also squeezed in a shopping trip and found two new summer tops.

Austin is the grill master, so I give him all the credit for this excellent meal.  First, he seasoned these chicken drumsticks with an assortment of spices, including Stubb's BBQ rub.

Then he proceeded to grill them to perfection and slather 'em with Stubb's BBQ sauce.

Meanwhile, I steamed up some broccoli and heated up baked beans.  I also toasted and buttered our bread.  As stated above, my contributions to this meal were minimal and hardly worth noting when you consider the overwhelming deliciousness of the BBQ chicken.

I have no idea what made this chicken so tasty, but it was the perfect combination of tender, spicy, moist and amazing.

You know what else made this meal so great?  I got to enjoy eating with the grill master himself!

Then, I whipped up our dessert.  Our yogurt parfaits featured vanilla and raspberry yogurt layered with fresh blueberries and blackberries, sprinkled with ground flaxseed.

Last night, Austin and I watched Shopgirl, a 2005 release starring Steve Martin.  This was not a mainstream movie by any means.  We considered turning it off at one point, because the plot was dragging and it was truly lacking in the entertainment department.  It was about a young lady who becomes involved with two men in her life: one is an older, rich divorcee, and the other is a poor, aspiring artist/musician.  I don't want to spoil anything for you (ha!), but this movie doesn't have a turning point.  You know how some movies have a moment where everything clicks, makes sense and becomes interesting?  That never happens.  It just becomes increasingly awkward, strange and pointless!  If this happens to be your all-time favorite movie, I apologize for my negativity, but clearly we have strikingly different taste in entertainment.

Moving on, for breakfast this morning I had a blueberry bagel and a smoothie!

This might be silly, but I made a smoothie specifically so I could use this glass straw I won in a giveaway on Amanda's blog!  Check out all the other cute designs on the Strawesome website!  It's perfect for smoothies, and it's fun for summer.

Do you get excited about silly little things?
I do!  I love new stuff, especially when it's free!


  1. I saw your name on another blog and had to click to see who shares my husband's name!

    I do get excited about silly things like library books and corn chips. :)

    Shopgirl was definitely awkward. That's what happens when an actor tries to write a book AND produce a movie AND star in it.

  2. The food pics look very fresh and sparkling as always! Even for a vegan! As for the movies, I hope you use Rotten Tomatoes to check out the ratings beforehand...

  3. Yessss, I get excited over really silly things!

    Those beans look so yummy.


  4. bbq sauce!! wow that looks incredible! and id love some of those baked beans right now. perfect holiday/long weekend food right there!! <3

  5. Awww I love that glass straw! It's adorable!! And I get excited about silly little things all the time - food, though, especially food. My boyfriend always makes fun of me because I get more excited to go to the grocery store than the mall lol

  6. Stubbs rocks! I get excited over the tiniest things. P laughs at me all the time for it.

  7. yeahhh so glad your straw came and you love it!

  8. What a cute straw!! I would def be excited about it. I always enjoy my meals so much more when they're served in cute dishes or glasses.

  9. I love grilling! That straw is super adorable--I know I'd be excited about it!

  10. Looks like some great traditional grilling! I get excited about the most random things, grocery shopping...haha.