Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vegetarian Night

I've been really busy at work this week.  Fortunately, my hard work earned me a free lunch!  Today, we had Murphy's Deli lunch boxes delivered to our office since we were working thru lunch.

I ordered a Reuben - corned beef of pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and russian dressing served on toasted rye bread.

The gourmet lunch box also included a deviled egg, pickle, chips and a cookie!

The sandwich was delicious with a little bit of Thousand Island dressing drizzled on top.

For dinner last night, we executed Operation clean-out-the-fridge.  This resulted in eating a bunch of leftover side dishes.

Tortellini with tomato sauce, corn on the cob, sweet potato, and green beans!

We deemed it Vegetarian Night when we realized something was missing - "Where's the meat?"

For dessert, we had fresh sliced pineapple.  And chocolate, obviously.

Then we went shopping and I found a new hat at REI!

I love it!  It's perfect for protecting my face from the sun, which helps prevent additional freckles.

Do you wear hats?
I wear them for sun protection mostly, but sometimes they are fun just for fashion!


  1. I never wear hats (I'm not really a hat kind of girl) but I really want a huge, floppy one for the beach this summer! I think they're so cute and bring a type of beachy elegance, if that's even possible lol yours looks adorable though! Good find (:

  2. That's such a cute hat! I'm horrible at wearing hats--I just never think to go buy any! And I'm in the same boat as you are, I get really freckly in the summer too!

  3. hats, not so much. they never look good on me!! freckles - yep. they love me.

  4. Cute hat! I usually only wear baseball cap when I'm running. Other than that, hats don't look good me. I have a little head. Seriously, I have to buy kid hats otherwise they are too big.

  5. I love that hat! I have a hard time finding ones to fit my small head, but I need them now that I'm growing my hair out.

    I used to love those Ruffles in high school!

  6. Great hat! I have always wanted one of those Kentucky Derby type hats. :)

  7. Great hat! I never wear one for fashion, always out in the garden working, I wear a huge brimmed straw hat.
    My office mate wears fashion hats almost every day and they look so great!

  8. im craving a big meaty sandwich right now!! im so similar when im making them, gotta put a good portion in.

    pineapple with chocolate? NOW WE'RE TALKIN'

    xoxo <3 have a fabulous FRIDAyyYYYY

  9. I could love a deviled egg to show up with my sandwich. That's a fun side to have!

  10. I don't wear hats but I should. SPF is a must ALWAYS. And just checked out your previous post. Vietnamese food? Pho? OMG. Food of my youth. Le sigh!

  11. love the pineapple for dessert

    I'm not a hat person but I do headbands :)