Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Finally, this is my last vacation-related post!  In case you missed it, here are links to my other recaps:  Wakulla Springs, Key West, Nassau, and Eating on a Cruise Ship: Part 1 and Part 2.

We took a lot of fun pictures on the cruise.


The sunsets were gorgeous.

Sunsets are the optimal setting for photo-shoots!

I love this close-up of our Aggie rings.

Aside from taking pictures, we also did a lot of fun activities on the cruise ship.

We got massages at the spa.

We slid down the waterslide.

Everyone hung out at the swimming pool and hot tub.

We relaxed on the balcony and watched the waves roll by.

On top of all our indulging on the Lido Deck and in the Sensation Dining Room, we also sampled the sushi bar and shared a bottle of wine.

A couple of us gambled in the casino, while the rest of us watched.

We got temporary tattoos!  My aunt and Annie got matching roses, and I got a butterfly.

We learned how to create Towel Animals!

I truly enjoyed spending so much time with my family!  I hardly ever get to see them since they live in Florida.

Happy 70th Birthday to my Grandpa!  The cruise was a perfect way to celebrate.


  1. Couple's massages? Heck yeah! Love your pretty pics and happy birthday to your grandpa!

  2. I love the photos! Happy birthday grandpa! (:

  3. How fun that you got to do this with your family! I would love to go on vacation with my family...such fun and special memories. Unfortunately, my grandparents won't set foot outside of OK or TX, so I'll just live vicariously through your family vaca:)

    Let me know if you try the cookie recipe!

  4. aww a couples massage! did your bf like it as much as you did??

    ALI, WHERE did you get that straw hat!? absolutely divine!! i want it! ha

  5. Ooh a cruise! And massages. Looks like a really great time. Beautiful pics, beautiful places, people you love. That's my idea of a VA-CA-TION all I ever wanted...VA-CA-TION had to get away!


  6. wow that looks like so much fun! I am completely jealous!


  7. I love the photos...I have never been on a cruise and it looks like a fabulous time!! You look gorgeous and happy. :)

  8. Wow - that looks amazing!!

    I love the sunset pictures! You're right, perfect setting for a photo shoot.

  9. How fun - I'm glad you had such a great vacation!