Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grillin' Out

If you're in the mood for grillin' out this weekend, I recommend you give this recipe a try!  We had these burgers over Memorial Day weekend, and they were definitely a hit!

Bleu Cheese Turkey Sliders

First, make sure that you have some mini-buns handy.  We prefer these King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.  Beware, they're addictive!

For the meat, combine one pound of ground lean turkey with approximately 1/3 cup of bleu cheese, 1 tsp paprika, salt and pepper.  Divide the meat into eight sections and form each ball into a thick patty.

If you're like me and you have a grill-obsessed man in your life, then this part is easy - just sit back and relax while the guy grills the meat.

We have a nifty flexible grilling net that works perfectly for grilling sliders or vegetables.  Flipping has never been so easy,  I bet even a girl could do it!  Okay, I probably took that too far.  It's always best to act impressed by their grilling skills, ladies - make them feel special, and they'll continue making you good food.

So once again, while the guy was grilling on the patio, I was in the kitchen preparing the rest of the meal.

A few weeks ago, I made some delicious homemade pickles.  I sliced pickling cucumbers and added onion, white vinegar, sugar, sea salt, mustard seed, and pepper for flavor.  Then I closed up the container and stuck it in the freezer for a couple weeks until the pickles were just right!

Atop the Hawaiian rolls, I added the following condiments: mustard, avocado, tomatoes, and homemade pickles.

Insert a bleu cheese turkey burger, and now you have the world's tallest sliders!

I also made fries, or chips, whichever name you prefer.  I thinly sliced several baking potatoes, tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and ground flaxseed - then baked them at 425 until they were crispy.

 With a smidge of ketchup. these fries were quite tasty!

Oh, and did I mention that Austin also threw some corn on the cob on the grill?  What a guy...and what a meal!

What is your favorite grilled food?
My favorite is grilled asparagus!  Yum!


  1. Those sliders look and sound really delicious. And I have to say that I am in love with those sweet hawaiian rolls! Yum!! My favorite grilled food would have to be BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Omigawd I found the most amazing recipe. So yum!

  2. Ohhh I feel that grilled asparagus! MMM love it! Your burgers and fries look great too (:

  3. I had grilled asparagus last weekend. YUM is right. your burger creations look AMAZING. wow.

  4. Those sliders look awesome!! Love the thin potatoes.


  5. haha i had to laugh at how adorable the burger toppings are sitting ontop of eachother! those siders look fantastic girl!

    and i love the oven potato slices! i usually cut mine up in little disks too :)

    SO YUM nom nom nom

  6. I wish they sold mini veggie burgers so I could make minis of those. :-)
    I love grilled salmon!

  7. Kings Hawaiian rolls are ridiculously addictive. We had them for Fourth of July last year and after a few drinks I must have eaten a whole pack!

  8. Those are superb burgers! My fav grilling item is a burger, hands down.

  9. I'm not allowed to buy those Hawaiian sweet rolls because they do not last longer than one sitting. If they are in the house, I'm eating them. End of story.

    I love grilling all veggies! Especially veggie kabobs with multiple types of veggies...yum!

  10. I could eat an entire package of the Hawaiian bread. It's perfectly sweet. My fave grilled food would be corn. I die for grilled corn! Had to LOL at letting the men think they are kings of the grill! The Lover definitely thinks he is the bomb at grilling. Do people still say "bomb?"