Friday, May 7, 2010

Raw Chicken & Baseball

On Thursday night we had tickets to go see the Houston Astros vs Arizona Diamondbacks.  The weather was beautiful - sunny with a light breeze.

We arrived at Minute Maid Park and found our box seats just in time for the first pitch.

Within two minutes of the game beginning, a ball was hit into the stands by the Diamondbacks.  Nice way to start the game (for their team anyways).

Check out the scoreboard, the Astros are already losing in the first inning!

Luckily, I wasn't too concerned about which team won because I was enjoying the company I was with! Austin, his dad, and a friend came along for the game.  They drank some beers and we shared some popcorn.

Austin and I didn't have time to eat before the game, so we decided to explore the ballpark food options.

First, we ate a beef sausage that cost a whopping $6.75. 

It was good, but instead of satisfying our hunger, it only intensified it. So we proceeded to buy a basket of chicken tenders with fries.

Big mistake.  I ate about half of a chicken tender before I bit into something incredibly soft.  Not what you're looking for in a piece of chicken.  At first, I thought it was a mass of fat, which would have been disturbing enough in and of itself, but no - it gets better.

A few seconds later, Austin threw down the chicken he was eating and exclaimed, "I knew there was something wrong with this chicken!"

Sure enough, the chicken was raw. I immediately took it back to the food stand and asked for a refund.  The lady said, "Oh, you're the second person to say it was raw."

Wow.  That makes me feel better...not!  She proceeded to tell me that she couldn't refund my money, but she could offer me a new basket of chicken tenders.

Really, you think you could convince me to eat some more of your chicken tenders right now?! Instead, I asked to speak to the manager and got my money back.

Fortunately, I'm not experiencing any signs of salmonella poisoning today.  That could be due to the fact that my body is practically immune from being fed undercooked chicken twice already this year!

We managed to enjoy the rest of the game without any further disturbances, but next time I think we'll plan on skipping the stadium food.

Do you ever eat stadium food?
I usually get at least one thing to eat or drink while I'm at the stadium.  That's part of the fun!


  1. ew raw chicken!? that sucks! hope you still feel okay!

  2. Hey there, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your blog looks great!

    Note to self- always take packed lunch when going to a stadium :) It's moments like yours that make me glad that I'm a vegetarian! x

  3. Oh my god. I never eat stadium food- and never want to after reading that- raw chicken makes me want to gag! Thank god you got your money back.. way to fight for it!

  4. I've never been in a stadium...but almost $7 for a raw chicken dog? holy crap, that's nasty, and it would infuriate me for sure!

  5. Gross! I've only eaten stadium food at Fenway and at the Seattle Mariners park (can't remember the name of the place). Fenway stuff is okay, but the Mariners was awesome. They had sushi, standard ballpark stuff and TONS of healthy options. I'll be sure not to eat chicken tenders if I ever make it to see Astros though.

  6. That sounds soo gross!! Ahh!
    Last time I was at a baseball game they had hummus and Stacy's pita chips! Can you believe it?! I obviously snatched some of those right up. I also have a thing for cracker jacks!

  7. Yikes, so glad that you're not feeling sick. I'm really glad that you spoke with the manager. That is so dangerous and shouldn't be tolerated at all!

  8. I pig out on staduim food. Fenway Franks rock! Usually I stick with packaged good like peanuts, cracker jacks (cliche much?), things you cant mess up! Beer and soft serve ice cream too! Sorry about your raw chicken :( PS what is that crazy looking relish on your dog? it looks like JELLO!

  9. @ Daisy - it's NEON RELISH...strange, right? It tasted like bread & butter pickles :)