Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Lucky Winner

We celebrated the 4th of July weekend at a friend's lakehouse on Toledo Bend Lake.

I think the lakehouse is Dozer's favorite place in the world.  He spent the entire time swimming in the lake and rolling in the mud.

We had a blast hanging out at the lakehouse.  I relaxed in the hammock, read a book, went on a boat ride, and kayaked.

Of course, the main event was the cookout!

In addition to Beer Can Chicken, Jerk Chicken, and Beef Tri-Tips - we also had a Grilled Pig.

The guys used a nifty roasting box called La Caja China - to cook the pig.

I didn't eat any of the pig; it hit a little too close to home considering I had a pet pot-belly pig for 15 years of my life.  Austin and I neither one eat pork, actually.

It was a fun weekend, but it was too short!  Unfortunately, I had to work on Monday - so we left the lakehouse on Sunday afternoon.  We still watched some fireworks from our balcony, though!  Dozer was not a fan of the loud noise - poor baby!

Were your pets afraid of the fireworks?
Our friends' dogs at the lakehouse barked everytime the neighbors set off a firework!  Dozer didn't bark, but he got really scared and wanted to stay near us.  He's also afraid of thunder and other loud noises.

Giveaway Winner
And...the lucky winner of my Birthday Giveaway is #29 - Heidi at Basil Vodka!  Please e-mail me at redheadreports at gmail dot com with your shippping address to receive your Gym in a Bag.


  1. Lots of things to say! First, congrats on your ENGAGEMENT!!! The ring is beautiful! Next, thank you for visiting my blog so that I could find yours. I look forward to reading more. And I wanted to say that I had a friend who had a pot belly pig growing up...Wilbur. Best pet ever! He was so great!! I wouldn't have been able to do any pork, either...but that beer can chicken...mmm! :)

    My dog did great at the fireworks when we were far away, but when people were setting them off in yards all around us, she was NOT okay!! She shook and spent the whole night in the bathroom :(

  2. Yeah, that was a bit graphic with the pre and post cooking of the pig.

    Luckily our dog has been 100% fine with thunderstorms and fireworks. We were a bit worried, since we weren't home. Now to see how she reacts to snow in 5 months.

  3. Basil Vodka! YAY!!! im so glad she won it hehe :)

  4. OMG! Your dog looks like it's flying!

  5. Dozer looks like he had a blast!!! And I <3 taking our kayak out for a good paddling ;)

  6. What an incredible picture of Dozer jumping into the lake. It should be entered into some kind of contest or gallery of collected photos. =) Glad you had such a good time. BBQ by the lake, perfect way to spend a summer holiday. I love the 4th. My cats hate fireworks. Poor babies! ~>^..^<

    I totally understand not eating pork. I don't. I can't. Pigs are so smart. I can't eat anything that can learn to come when called by its name. So primal! *giggles*

  7. Oh yeah, Congratulations # 29, Heidi at Basil Vodka.

  8. I've seen a pig being roasted too and I did not partake either...and that was back when I actually ate pork.
    The jerk chicken looks really good!

  9. Yeah!! Thanks for the giveaway, girl! I'm super excited to try out this new gym in a bag--looks like there's a lot of strength training moves I can work on with it.

    Because homegirl needs to work on her pipes. Haha. Thanks again!!