Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grown-Up Friendships

Due to a couple of recent kind-hearted comments, I realized that I've unintentionally neglected this blog.  It's not that I don't care about you guys, because I do.  In fact, the reason I started blogging is because I am lonely and searching for friendships.

I moved to Houston in February and have yet to find any good friends who I can hang out with and talk to.  My fiance and I would like to find another couple our age that we can hang out and go on double-date nights.

It was so much easier to connect with people who were my age when I was in college.  I've tried a gym membership, and while I do enjoy exercising, I haven't been successful at meeting anyone to hang out with outside of the fitness classes.

Austin and I have started going out on Friday nights to a local dancehall.  We really like it, but we haven't met any couples our age there either.

Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions for building grown-up friendships?


  1. aww - i would try taking a class (at the gym or anything else of interest: photography, art, dance?). sometimes you just have to be friendly to people. not saying that you aren't or anything, but i find that when i randomly strike up conversations with people, i'm more likely to make a new friend than if i keep quiet! just put yourself out there. best of luck - i know you'll find people :)

  2. What about looking into a running group in your area?

  3. Yeah definitely running, join the Striders, come to hilly Tuesdays and you'll have some BFFs in a matter of weeks/months...

  4. My husband and I have the same problem! unfortunately I have no tips... good luck!

  5. I wish I had tips for you but I have one BFF from highschool, another BFF that is more than 20 yrs older than I am and one that I've never met in real life.

    The Lover, on the other hand, has had the same friends since middle school. WTH?

  6. Unfortunately most of my friends are from work.

    Other suggestions: join a church, join a sports team, get a dog (?), join an interest group (I play handbells with 15 other people).

  7. Oh my gosh - I am in the SAME boat you are! My husband and I moved to Michigan back in March and have yet to meet anyone. I am working but the people I work with are older... a lot older.

    My husband has just started community college so we're hoping to meet people through that... otherwise I'm at a loss!