Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Reservations

This week I've been researching and booking our bed and breakfasts, car rental, and excursions for our honeymoon to Ireland. 

Every confirmation e-mail I receive puts a giant smile on my face!  This one is a great sample of their Irish accent:

Hi Ali,
Thanks very much for credit card details. 
Just to let you know that I have availability i.e. double room en-suite with breakfast
included cost 30 euro per person. If ye happen to be late arriving i.e. after 5 p.m. would you mind
giving me a call to just to let me know that ye are en-route.

If ye are coming from the South I am one mile before the Cliffs and if ye
are travelling from the North I am one mile further down that road, and it is the first
turn left (sharp turn). Ye will see my Yellow Dormer house from the Road.

Ring me if ye get lost.
Many thanks and I look forward to meeting ye.

Don't you love the way the Irish speak/write?  I'm familiarizing myself with the maps and tourist attractions so that we'll have plenty of ideas when we arrive.

It will be interesting for us to travel around in Ireland for 9 days without phone or internet.  We'll definitely need to buy a map when we get there!  I'm worried about the ease of exchanging money from dollars to euros.  I read on-line that one of the towns we're visiting doesn't even have an ATM!

In a few short months, we'll be making our first trip overseas, and my fiance doesn't have his passport yet!  Ugh!  He also needs to get an International Drivers License since he'll be the driver of our rental car.

Have you ever travelled to another country?  What did you learn that you'd do better next time?


  1. Take twice the cash and half the clothes you think you may need. Have a fun time!

  2. Hahaha is that REAL? That email? Because that is SO how Irish people give directions. They use local landmarks that you will never see. Prepare to get lost (unless you use GPS...that'd be smart).

    Safe travels.