Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Planning Bloopers

Things are destined to go wrong when you're planning a wedding.  And the best way to deal with these events is with a smile on your face, or to laugh it off.  Thus, here's my series of Wedding Planning Bloopers.  Let's start from the beginning:

- The night we got engaged, my fiance called to tell one of his best friends the news, and his response was, "Yeah man, I just found out that my girlfriend is pregnant, so we're getting married too".  So, we set our date specifically to allow for said groomsman to be able to attend after his baby is born in February.

- The weekend we picked happend to coincide with the biggest festival in my home town, thus ruling out our first pick for the ceremony venue, which happened to be in the middle of the festival location.  Then we picked another location for the ceremony that was still on the same street as the festival, in the naive belief that it was far enough away that it wouldn't affect us.

- Four months later we were notified that the streets surrounding the chapel would be blocked off, and that we would be provided with zero parking spaces.

- We could not change our date because 1) then the groomsman with that baby wouldn't be able to come and 2) I'd already bought my plane ticket for our honeymoon to Ireland.

- Therefore, we attempted to get married at a small church near our reception, but they wouldn't allow it because our officiant was non-denominational.  Finally, we changed our ceremony to be outdoors at the same location as our reception.

- We set up our tuxedo rental on-line for Men's Wearhouse, then sent out the colors & styles to each guy individually.  When my dad went in to get measured, they told him they couldn't measure him until we went  into the store and set up the colors and styles ourselves.  So we did that, and then my dad went back in to the store and they ended up asking him to pick out his style tux, shirt, shoes, color anyway, against their own policy.

- Three months before the wedding, the groomsman with the baby due in February told Austin he wasn't going to be able to make it.  We offered to pay for his plane ticket, but his wife still didn't want him to be gone all weekend.

- On the exact same day, one of the ushers also backed out because he changed jobs and wasn't guaranteed time off.

- Two months before the wedding, my maid of honor still hadn't ordered her dress.  Then she finally ordered it, but she kept receiving phone calls asking her which color purple she wanted...after the third phone call, I became suspicious and discovered that the website she ordered from was not an authorized manufacturer of the bridesmaid dress I had chosen.  Thus it would be a different shade of purple and the style would probably be a bit off as well.

- Eleven weeks before the wedding, I asked my maid of honor to cancel the dress and re-order it from a legit website.  I warned her that she would probably need to use rush-shipping, and offered to pay for it.

- Ten weeks before the wedding, my maid of honor e-mails me saying she thinks I should ask someone else to be the maid of honor because she can't afford it.  And that she doesn't want this to affect our friendship, that she's sorry that it's "kinda late notice".  Then she ignores my phone calls.


  1. Oh my! I'm so sorry! What a rotten thing for a suppoused friend to do.

  2. OMiGOSH!! stress, stress, stress and more stress!!! you dont deserve ANY of this :(