Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easter Sunday

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On Easter Sunday, we took a leisurely drive around the Burren.  With no set itinerary for the day, we were able to explore at our own pace.

The karst hills of the Burren
The Burren is comprised of a limestone pavement landscape, and is studded with historical and archaelogical sites such as portal tombs and stone forts.

We took a drive to Ailwee Cave, where we stretched our legs and looked around a bit.  Austin spied the ice cream from a mile away, so we shared a cone.

After our snack, we found the Poulnabrone portal tomb.  The gorgeous purple orchids immediately caught my attention!

The Poulnabrone portal tomb was constructed during the Neolithic, or New Stone Age.  Over ninety megalithic tombs are known to survive in the Burren; the earliest of these are the portal tombs built in the fourteenth millenium BC.  The Poulnabrone is one of two portal tombs constructed in the Burren.

We were impressed by the Burren fences that extended for miles across the land.  The fences were made of stacked stone with no mortar to reinforce them.

After some more exploring, we found the other portal tomb.

Across the street, there was a giant boulder.  We decided to take a few pictures with it, too.

For lunch, we had roast lamb with potatoes, a delicious Sunday lunch special at a local restaurant we passed while we were driving around.  Later that afternoon, we took a small walk around the coast.

We ate dinner in Liscannor, and I recall having a caesar salad and a delicious chocolate brownie for dessert.  It was a happy Easter, indeed.

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