Friday, June 3, 2011

Hill of Tara

Monday was a lazy day of rest and relaxation. We arrived in Galway, checked into Summerville House, stopped at an ATM for cash, and went to lunch at a nearby Italian restaurant.  I had lasagna, Austin had a goat cheese pizza.  It was a fantastic meal.

After lunch, we found a shopping mall but were disappointed to have to park in a parking garage.  Since we were paying for parking, we didn't shop very long.  The mall was very similar to malls in the states, and the tourist shops had identical items to what we'd already seen.  So shopping was a bust, which is something I would personally never admit!  We headed back to the B&B - Austin watched a game of rugby while I took a nap.  Then we watched a few Friends episodes together and sipped on wine.  Finally at 8pm we realized we had better go find something for dinner.  Austin ordered an entree, and I ate a few bites, but saved my room for dessert.  We ordered two desserts: a chocolate eclair and berries and ice cream!

On Tuesday, we accidentally slept in past our breakfast time, but fortunately our host was kind enough to serve us still.  I finally had the opportunity to order something other than the typical Irish breakfast, so I asked for french toast (yum), and Austin stuck with his Irish breakfast.

We had a pretty long drive from Galway to Dundalk, so we planned a stop to see the Hill of Tara.

Mound of Hostages

The Hill of Tara is a beautiful, serene area with many ancient monuments, a sacral site associated with kingship rituals.

 The Lia Fáil, Stone of Destiny

We were intrigued by the Mound of Hostages, an ancient passage tomb.  There are hundreds of bodies, mostly cremated, buried in 1600-1700 BC, organized in layers beneath the passage.


The doorway faces directly east, and inside there were stones with inscriptions we were unable to read.

That afternoon, we arrived in Dundalk and found the Greengates B&B.  We took a drive out towards the Cooley Peninsula.

 For dinner, we went to a local pub and shared a bowl of soup and chicken strips with chili dipping sauce.  I had a Jameson and Austin had a couple pints of Carlsberg.  For dessert we had a slice of chocolate cake with ice cream.

Next up: our tour of the Cooley Whiskey Distillery...

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